Welcome to Stanislaus County's job opportunities page.

Stanislaus County is a great community with beautiful parks, great education, outstanding healthcare and a variety of cultural and sporting events. Our community features music, art, festivals, golf, river rafting, boating & much more. Our motto at the County is "Striving to be the Best" and that is a vision we hope you will share with us.

Why Work Here

Vibrant and Affordable Community
Stanislaus County offers an energetic community for you to call home at prices that we can all afford. It is a wonderful place to start and raise a family while also offering entertainment opportunities of all kinds. Visit (Live & Play) to find out more.
Civic Impact
Every member of the Stanislaus County Team makes a meaningful contribution to the community each day they come to work. For us, active citizenship in promoting the health, safety, welfare, and economic vitality of our community isn’t just an opportunity, it’s a responsibility.
Diverse and Connected Workforce
We are proud of the diverse heritages of our County’s Citizens and its reflection in our workforce. By bringing various viewpoints and expertise together in the spirit of fairness and respect, we make our team stronger. We believe that every position is crucial and interconnected, and that the triumphs of the individual are the successes of us all.
Training and Development
Come to the place where the best go to get better! Stanislaus County is a Learning Organization, committed to promoting the continuous development and advancement of its team. We offer a wide range of career paths for you to take on your professional journey and the developmental tools help get you where you want to go.