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Social Work Careers in Stanislaus County
The County of Stanislaus is devoted to enhancing the value of life in our community. Being the largest social service organization in Stanislaus County, we deliver our expertise to over 120,000 citizens each year.
How You Fit In
Stanislaus County’s diverse selection of programs allows you to find a job in an area you feel the most passionate about. Our services include: Adoptions; Child Protective Services; Foster Connections; Medi-Cal; Adult Protective Services; Child Care; CalFresh; General Assistance/Relief; CalWorks; Foster Care; In Home Supportive Services; and Welfare to Work. In addition, you will have access to excellent health benefits and a wide range of career advancement paths.
Who We Are Looking For:
Our county is looking for candidates that are dedicated to improving the well-being of our community members. We need professionals that are dependable, passionate, and eager in order for us to continue enhancing the value of life for the residents of Stanislaus County.
Currently Recruiting For:
  • Social Worker III/IV/V
  • Social Worker IV Trainee
Career Ladders: